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Andrew Knight

Deputy Director Programmes and Engagement Commercial Capability, Government Commercial Function - Cabinet Office

I started my career by dipping a toe into the retail world – looking after textile warehouses for Marks and Spencers.

I then joined Royal Mail to look after collections and distribution in the South East. Having a fleet of red vans was great fun, although I think I have now heard every excuse ever given for road traffic accidents!

Vans then turned into machines and I moved into all sorts of operational roles, looking after processing hubs, delivery units and fulfilment hubs. This was an amazing insight into leadership as they were tough years for industrial relations. An average week could see a team ‘down tools’ in one unit and some sort of natural disaster impact another. I have some great stories if you grab me for a coffee at some point.

After fleeting diversions into IT programme management, I moved into the commercial world. I cut my teeth setting up a business unit to handle unaddressed advertising. Having successfully grown that business and established it as the market leader, I had the opportunity to take responsibility for all of Royal Mail’s retail letters products – those for which Royal Mail has end to end management. It was a really interesting and varied role, even dealing with Royal Household and Government screening services, CCS mail frameworks, referendum campaigns etc, which all link closely to the team I have now joined in the Government Commercial Function (GCF).

Within the GCF I work in the Commercial Capability Team. I am responsible for the roll out of contract management training to all Central Departments and the expansion of all of our commercial products into the Wider Public Sector – both are programmes on the Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP).

I have a fantastic team of Partnership Managers who are supporting Government departments and Public Sector organisations through their learning journeys, acting as the voice of the customer and supporting the evolution of the products we offer.

I hope I bring a practical approach to the Commercial Capability programme and look forward to building long term relationships with Departments and the Wider Public Sector. Success for me will be achieved when contract management training is seen as business as usual, the Government Commercial College is the go-to place for commercial training, and the Capability Partnership Team are seen as trusted advisors and partners across the commercial function.