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Rachael Tiffen

Director of Public Sector Counter Fraud - CIFAS

Rachael is Director of Public Sector at Cifas  and also oversees the Cifas Fraud and Cyber Academy. Rachael was Head of Audit and Counter Fraud in 3 London Boroughs.

At the National Fraud Authority, Home Office in 2010 as Head of Public Sector Fraud she researched and drafted the first local government counter fraud strategy Fighting Fraud Locally ( FFL) and created pilot data hubs using partnerships. In 2013 she joined the MoD as manager of the Fraud Defence Unit. In 2014 she created the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre – creating qualifications and services, drafting the second FFCL Strategy for HMG.

Rachael is a well-known speaker and author on counter fraud and corruption, sitting on a number of industry Boards. She is the Independent Person for Standards and Ethics at the LB Tower Hamlets. In 2017 she won the Stella Walsh Award “Lifetime Achievement in Countering Fraud”. Rachael occasionally hosts a spot on CLGdotTV interviewing other counter fraud experts.